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Inventory 10 super good-looking animation

Monday, October 9, 2017 5:44:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

1.Through the cartoon  《Re:Creators》

Anime Re:Creators

Chatter nibbling nearly half a year of the gun version of the REC in the near future has been completed, and perhaps some people will wonder why the actor will recommend this animation, in fact, the reason is very simple, this animation in the story of the biggest one, that is usually in the The end to the audience a fake climax, what does that mean?

When you see a set of the end, thinking about "God to start" or have a similar idea, the next episode of the plot gave you a kind of water-like boring, that is, with the psychological expectations of difference far.

But it also has another feature, that is its brain and creativity, almost the main types of animation are gathered in the same time and space inside the same time and space, it is difficult to imagine what this will be a story, which is also with other There is a difference in nature. Although the plot development and characterization on the criticism, but the maids feel that if you want to experience some different elements and the role of the world chaos, REC still have its eye highlights.

2.Love anime play Tsuki ga Kirei

Would you like to eat dog food without stomachache? Then you should look at this year's love in the dark horse of the "moonlight really beautiful", with "love Fan in a stream" to describe it is absolutely not too much, especially for those who have experienced or are experiencing high school life The audience, the story of which the story and the details of the screen, all reveal the intention of the production group. It makes a lot of people think of high school that a simple and full of heterosexual hormones of the hazy period, watching the drama of love and the campus, but also in the past they have seen the beautiful years.

3.Blood anime   My Hero Academia

Anime My Hero Academia

In recent years, it is worth a look at the blood animation is too little, but "my hero college" is an exception, the typical routines to the plot, but in the animation is not so people feel cramped and resist, standardized plot Direction is not the audience hate the main reason for this animation, but whether the author can tell the story, coupled with the style of the animation is relatively more like to discuss the audience like a class, by the bones of such a conscience The company as the production side, you can also see a lot of wonderful and people feel the blood boiling fighting painting.

PS: hot animation would also like to recommend another fight super-burning, making conscience to the audience want to fall

One Punch Man

Anime One Punch Man

Posted in Anime Anecdotes By Dakimakura Store

One Piece big chest sister line analysis, see her is not your ideal section

Sunday, October 8, 2017 5:36:42 PM America/Los_Angeles


one piece Nico·Robin

Classic Quotations

1.I want to survive! ! Bring me to the sea together! !

2.It is not written. Only history is written here.

3.Can you see humans from the top of the map? Because you are seeing the world with such eyes, can you do such a tragic thing!


One Piece Nami

Classic Quotations

1.What I dislike the most in the world is a pirate! ! My favorite thing is money and mandarin oranges!

2.I travel around the world in the sea by my maritime technique and make a world map I saw with my own eyes!

3,My favorite thing is money and mandarin oranges!

Boa Hancock

One Piece Boa Hancock

Classic Quotations

1.That's right, because I am beautiful!

2.Let's refrain from being unwilling!

3.A spiritful heart that you can see in the straw hardens your body! !

Nefertari Vivi

One Piece Nefertari Vivi

1.Someday I will see you again! ! Can you call me a friend again? .

2.Something's wrong thinking that people should not die! ! What?

3.Fight! stop it!

Posted in Anime Anecdotes By Dakimakura Store

Bare routine really a lot! Inventory those at every turn on the burst of animation

Thursday, October 5, 2017 9:06:58 PM America/Los_Angeles

Do not know from when, burst elements gradually increased, and now has become an excellent means of official bare! With the "bursting mother" this new species shining bright birth, burst animation began to endless! Now let us increase our eyes, take a look at what bursts of animation works it ... ...

                                                                                        High School DxD

High School DxD

Familiar with High School DxD animation friends should know that male leader Tsto Issei is a big metamorphosis, painstaking research and development of the nirvana was able to destroy the opponent's clothes "burst", and only the use of female roles

                                                   Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma

Food Wars! anime dakimakura

This section of the material also known as "burst of the spirit of the war", the protagonist of the king under the hands of a good medicine, the efficacy of the strong, who eat who burst clothing, always make people "obviously in the meal, how clothes did not" Comic later is the "skirt" as the criteria for judging, delicious to "crack" will be enough to win the game - is so simple and crude

                                                       Fairy Tail

Fairy tail anime dakimakura pillowcase

Lucy field battle, field burst, so fight should be paid wages! But the most gentleman's heart or Ai Lu Sha's burst of clothing, burst after the white bandage also wrapped around ah! Will play! Later, many women's roles have also joined the ranks of the bursting. Burst group of people oath to have to "burst the spirit of the war" a higher trend!

                                                      Kill la Kill

Kill la Kill anime dakimakura pillowcase

                             Senran Kagura: Skirting Shadows

Senran Kagura: Skirting Shadows anime dakimakura pillowcase

Posted in Anime Anecdotes By Dakimakura Store

People who have seen the animation must have watched a certain animation or comic inside, their favorite role in the unexpected location or event by the author ruthlessly made a lunch experience, so that many viewers will therefore Want to drum up to the writer or the original author of the impulse to send the blade.

But do not worry, the following uncle to give you some of the more familiar with the collar of the lord when the role, do not hesitate to read, go directly to the writers or writers on the line!

1.Chelsea  Akame ga Kill!

Chelsea's appearance and frequency really can not say there are too many, but in the image and character set, Chelsea has its own popularity, it is no doubt. For this role, the maids want to say is not she should not die, but her dead scene is simply make people feel shocking. Have you ever seen the head being inserted on the pole and then traveling on the street?

2.Nanaba  Attack on TitanBefore the siege of the Giants, Narnaba has been responsible for part of the command and lead members to investigate the work of the giant wall, the original girl also thought that the role of at least escaped, but did not expect or was the giant to ... ... (here omitted More bloody description)

3.Amou Kanade  SymphogearCollar people who see more, can be in the first episode to lead the people who really do not much, but "Symphogear" This animation inside the Tianyu play is such a role. The story of this animation is actually very simple background, that is, as the protagonist of the two girls need to kill the monster to attack the human, but in an emergency, because many monsters, one of the girls in order to take into account the overall situation and sacrifice Own, the so-called "Symphogear" is exhausted life to sing the last song, and this song's lethality is the most powerful.then? There is no, and red hair Tianyu played sacrifice their own, and blue hair can only be watched in the next side of his companions to die like this, it is estimated that she is more than we listen to the screenwriter shooter it ... ...

4.Maes Hughes Fullmetal Alchemist

Obviously a human and animal harmless, responsible for the family, a good life on behalf of the role of people, even dead ... ... This is the most unaware of the mother, so good people (not necessarily) life safe?

5.Haku Naruto

Familiar with "Naruto" friends if you do not know this character, then your "fire shadow" is basically white looked. Although not the main story of the characters, but its own character and do not cut between the past, so many people so moving. A very gentle and thoughtful character, to the present, the maiden still remember Naruto rushed forward to the white and roar look.

No? Of course not, the role of the cartoon in the lane is too much, the maiden is only listed a few of them only, then for the king, there is an animation that a role in the death of the most you Heartache? Welcome to the following message to discuss it ~

Posted in Anime Anecdotes By Dakimakura Store

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